Our Top Mission...

is to help everyone and bring them a better life.

Our Mission

Voices Against Violence envisions a world where every person lives in a safe environment, free from violence and fear. Our mission is to empower victims of violence to make safe, permanent changes for themselves and their children by providing comprehensive and cohesive services through support, understanding, education, and awareness. Our goal is to turn their pain into power and support the path of all survivors as they work to be self-sufficient and free from violence.

Please explore our site to learn about our organization.. Join us in our efforts to promote strong healthy relationships and alleviate violence against women and children.

Our Philosophy

Domestic violence is an epidemic that is not given the attention it deserves because we, the advocates, have not had the power, respect, or voice to foster real change. We have the numbers, but we don’t have the unity. We must demand changes in our laws and in the punishment for domestic violence. In unity there is strength. We have the potential to fight the war against domestic violence and win.

Consequently, there is absolutely no excuse for the silence and complacent stance taken by the largest and most visible domestic violence organizations in the wake of yet another high-profile domestic violence matter. The silence is akin to a victim who is afraid to speak out when she has the attention of the authorities. We must be the example of courage. There is a need for advocates and domestic violence organizations to galvanize and create a “SPEAK OUT” group to put pressure on lawmakers, police departments, judges, and employers to protect victims and sufficiently penalize abusers.

Perpetrators are not really afraid of the consequences of a domestic violence charge — why should they be? The “slap-on-thewrist” punishment pales in comparison to the slaps, punches, pushes and humiliation unleashed on their victims. Perpetrators are not even embarrassed by the labeling of “domestic violence abuser.” Very seldom do we hear of an executive, professional athlete, actor, or even an “everyday Joe,” losing his job or being ostracized because he is characterized as an abuser. We must take a stand and break silence against domestic violence.